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Parent Consultation and Coaching: In this model, the level of support the family needs in addressing the learner’s behaviors and skills will determine the amount of hours needed. Consultations with parents and caregivers include an assessment in the child's natural environment and the development of a treatment plan. Meetings will be held weekly, biweekly or monthly. During the assessment, the Behavior Analyst with the parents' input will determine the  behaviors that will be targeted for reduction and will develop a treatment plan with recommendations of different interventions. During coaching, the parents will receive feedback in the implementation of the interventions.


Professional Development: Bilingual Behavioral Services offers professional development to Early Childhood Educators and Centers that are interested in applying Behavior Analysis' principles like Positive Reinforcement to increase adaptive behaviors in students and reduce the use of punishment in the classrooms. The purpose of this professional development is to improve children’s behaviors and staff performance utilizing ABA strategies. We offer collaboration and follow up on staff performance through observations, data collection and feedback.

Therapy at Home, Community and Childcare settings: In this model the amount of hours of services will be determined by the needs of the learner. An initial assessment will be conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to determine the behaviors targeted for reduction and the goals and objectives that the therapy will focus on. The treatment plan addresses behaviors and goals that are meaningful for the client, the family and the society.

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