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At Bilingual Behavioral Services we use a comprehensive approach in working with children and families. We attend to all areas of development in the young child and design specific objectives and goals.

  • Behavior:

Exhibits and maintains appropriate social interactions with family members and at school

Engages in meaningful activities with others without maladaptive behaviors

  • Receptive Communication:

Responding to name by turning towards others

Following one and two steps routines

Pointing to named body parts  

Identifying by pointing

Attending and joining others for 5 to 10 minutes during activities

  • Expressive Communication:

Vocalizing with intent

Pointing to indicate choice between objects

Producing single words

Tacting/Labeling items

Saying no

Manding/Asking questions

  • Social Skills

Attending to other people

Engaging in parallel play

Responding to greetings

Gaining others' attention

Playing motor games

Sharing toys when requested

Identifying affect in others

  • Imitation

Imitating steps, motor actions and facial expressions

Imitating vocal sounds, animals sounds, single words and sentences

  • Play

Demonstrating appropriate play behaviors with a variety of toys according to age and development

Completing tasks and putting materials away

Occupying self with varied materials with occasional adult guidance

Engaging in pretend play and role play

Following others' lead in play

  • Cognition

Matching, Sorting, Searching, Requesting, Categorizing, Counting. 

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